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» Statutory Planning
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Our Team
John Outhred
BA (Planning); Grad Dip Pub Sec Man; Adv Dip Bus Dev; Dip Bus (FLM); MPIA; CPP

John is the Principal Planner at Outhred English and Associates Pty Ltd. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Planning and a Graduate Diploma in Public Sector Management. John also has qualifications in Business Development and Front Line Management.

John established the business and has been Managing Director of Outhred English and Associates Pty Ltd since its incorporation in 1997. He has been a Corporate Member of the Planning Institute Australia since 1992 and is a Certified Practising Planner.

He specialises in land division advice and design, project management, and site analysis and selection.

John has over 33 years experience in planning and property development and has held executive positions in government for over 17 years.

Prior to the establishment of Outhred English he held the position of Director of Development at the former City of Noarlunga for over 6 years and was responsible for economic development, all statutory and strategic planning, building, and health functions. During this time, John was Chair of the Seaford Co-ordinating Committee and a key member of the Seaford Structure Planning Team. Seaford is a Joint Venture (private and public) urban development project that is developing 700 hectares of land over a 10-15 year period. He was also Chair of the Noarlunga Development Assessment Panel and the Noarlunga Centre Interim Steering Committee (1994-1996) which was responsible for redevelopment work to the Noarlunga Regional Centre totalling $1.8m.

John has experience managing extensive public consultation processes, including the Seaford land development, Transport SA surplus land at Darlington, and the Hackham West/Huntfield Heights suburb renaming and numerous Development Plan Amendment processes.

His land division experience includes broad acre industrial, commercial and residential land division developments, including a 165 allotment residential development undertaken by the City of Noarlunga, in 3 stages over 3 years.

John managed the Shacks Freeholding Project (Statewide) for the Land Management Corporation and Department for Environment and Heritage. More recently he has project managed the physical development of a number of sensitive coastal sites including Port Gibbon, Port Clinton, Port Julia, The Dipper, Balgowan, Hardwicke Bay and Port Turton.

He provides site analysis and selection services for a range of commercial and industrial clients. These have included the Land Management Corporation, Liberty Oil, Hickinbotham Group of Companies, Venuti Developments and Morris Child Care Centres.

John has extensive experience in the preparation and presentation of Statements of Evidence for the Environment, Resources and Development Court (SA).

John has a passion for demographics, maps, trains and Australian and American history.

Tel:      (08) 8342 4848
Email:  john@outhredenglish.com.au

Michelle English

Michelle English
BA (Planning); M Sust, Grad Cert Nat Res Man; Dip Bus (FLM); MPIA; CPP

We would like to congratulate Michelle on the completion of her Master of Sustainability, and on the excellent academic accomplishments that she achieved. This included being awarded the Dean's Certificate for International Environmental Law, and a research grant for her thesis from the Australian Climate Change Adaptation Research Network for Settlements and Infrastructure.

We would also like to advise that Michelle has recently accepted an appointment with the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources as Manager, Climate Change.



Dr Rachel Outhred
PhD; MA (International Development); Grad Dip Ed; BA.

Rachel has experience as a researcher, educator and development practitioner. Rachel has been awarded a PhD from Flinders University’s Institute of Public Policy and Management. Her PhD thesis evaluates a community development program offered to marginalised women and children and explores participatory approaches to increase life chances.

Rachel provides valuable input into the complex issues of globalisation and equality, cultural awareness and social inclusion in her role as Public Policy Advisor with Outhred English and Associates Pty Ltd. She has extensive experience working in academia, filling the roles of Lecturer in the Division of Health Sciences at Adelaide University, Academic Course Developer at the University of South Australia, Research Fellow at the University of South Australia and as Curriculum Development Officer at Crucible, Centre for Teaching Excellence in Human Rights, Social Justice and Citizenship (Roehampton University).

Within her role as Research Fellow at the University of South Australia, Rachel was Project Manager and a key researcher for the nationally significant Mapping Aspirations and Achievement (MAANA) Project. The MAANA project identified characteristics of programs that produce positive educational outcomes for students in order to develop a framework for sustainable equity-focused outreach activity in disadvantaged areas. In 2008-2010 Rachel was listed as a Deployable Civilian Expert with the UK’s Departments of International Development, Ministry of Defence and Foreign and Commonwealth Office. During this time she also worked with Groundtruth Consulting, Coffey International and Save the Children to deliver International Law training to civilian officers prior to deployment to post-conflict environments.

Rachel enjoys experiencing new places and cultures, spending time with family and consuming strong coffee.

Publications and conference presentations:

Outhred, R. Editor-In-Chief (Special Edition).
International Journal of Inclusive Education. Taylor and Francis. Forthcoming.

Outhred, R. Human Rights Activism and the Silencing of Women
The Australian Review of African Studies. Special Issue on Africa in a Restructuring World. Vol. 31 No. 2 December 2010

Outhred, R. Participation for Social Justice: a Case study from the Upper Volta, Africa. Action Learning and Action Research Journal. Participation for Social Justice, Sustainability and Peace. Volume 15. No 1. April 2009.

Outhred, R and Sellar, S. Mobilising in pursuit of HE: Toward a Deparochialised Imagination of Student Equity. As part of the Symposium: Re-imagining student equity in Australian higher education in expansionary terms. Australian Association for Research in Education Conference, 2010.

Outhred, R. Vocational Skills for Rural Women: Alleviating Poverty or Affirming Inequality? Australian Association for Research in Education Conference, 2010.

Outhred, R. The Trokosi Woman: ‘Incomplete, Passive Victim’ or ‘Powerful, Educated Role Model’? Assessing the imagery of the Trokosi woman as constructed by international, national and local stakeholders.
Australian Women and Gender Studies Conference, 2010.

Outhred, R. Black First and a Student Second? Exploring the experiences of African-born students in Australia’s higher education system.
33rd Annual African Studies Association of Australia and the Pacific. December 2010.

Roberts, R and Outhred, R. Hearing aspirations: methodological challenges and possibilities. 2nd Annual Student Equity in Higher Education National Conference. 2010.

Outhred, R. Crucible Centre for Human Rights Education: The Successes and
Challenges of Introducing Problem Based Learning and Resourced Based Learning to the Curriculum. Presented at Oxford Brooks University’s Learning: What for? Conference. 2008. Trinity College, Dublin.

Tel:      (08) 8342 4848
Email:   rachel@outhredenglish.com.au




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